Clothes For

We make clothes designed to be lived in, that act as a canvas for self-expression and storytelling.

There’s nothing revolutionary about a t-shirt, but then again, clothing was never meant to start a revolution. That’s what we’re here to do. 

The idea for ClHu was born because we couldn’t stop asking questions:

Why is the current fashion system still functioning in a way that is so completely wasteful? Why are we pushing people—especially a newer generation—into binaries they don’t believe in? And why has no one done anything about the traditional sizing system, which induces shame and attachment to what we “should” be instead of the freedom of limitless style?

We’ve always expressed ourselves through the clothes we choose, so it was a no-brainer to start ClHu and provide our own answers to these questions. ClHu is creativity and confidence, embodied: an all-gender brand and community platform that’s about conscious consumption, not pushing the next trend. We’re a brand that is reinterpreting resale in a way that literally attaches our human story to our clothing. A brand that’s less about branding and more about a canvas for your own personal expression; about connecting a generation and powering a movement. A movement that is made from all the elements that make us us

Our clothes represent the story of who we are today and who we’ll be tomorrow. And when ClHu arrives on your doorstep, the story is just beginning. We really do want you to keep it forever—or keep passing it on forever—and in that way, we keep adding links to the chain. Because clothing is so much more than comfort and style; it’s about personal expression, experiences, and storytelling.

At ClHu, we champion radical inclusivity, human connection and facilitating the boundless spectrum of self-expression through clothing. It’s time to get a ClHu.

What you wear tells the story of who you are and where you’ve been.

Every piece of clothing has a story, so we gave every ClHu garment its own unique ID. Scan the QR code, and begin your ClHu Journey – adding your story to the digital narrative of each item you own, share, and sell. 

We know that pre-loved clothes are powerful because they have a history. The ClHu Journey allows us to connect the dots, piecing together a garment’s shared story, as it travels from human to human. 

Buy better. Buy less. Pass it on.

ClHu Redo represents a new chapter for pre-loved clothing: A platform where community comes before consumption, where every garment carries a unique story and every item has a chance at a second (or third, or fourth) life.

We believe that to buy better means to buy less, and when the quality is great, a garment has a lifecycle well beyond you. With ClHu Redo, we’ve created a platform that supports a more sustainable model. When you’re done with a ClHu product, list your pre-owned item for sale on ClHu Redo, give it another life with someone else and receive credit for your next ClHu purchase.

You can also shop ClHu Redo for pre-owned pieces and one of a kind items from our archive.

Fit is about so much more than a number or a label. There's freedom in the fact that size doesn't really matter.

Conventional sizing just doesn’t feel right anymore. By creating our own unique color-based sizing system, we're disrupting the outdated way that brands have historically approached sizing. In our opinion, if you like the way something fits you, then it’s your size. Our intention is to erase both gender and body image expectations from this conversation.

We're launching with seven sizes that range from a traditional Youth 10/12 to an Adult XXL. However, you won’t see reference to those sizes on our garments. Instead, you’ll find our color-based scheme that we hope you find intuitive. In case you need help, we’ve created a conversion chart and provide detailed garment measurements to help you find the best fit for YOU. Inclusivity is important to us. We’re currently able to offer seven sizes, but plan to expand in the future.